Who is Daniel’s biggest rival?

Roberto Mehri

Ricciardo chooses Merhi among his great rivals: “He was like Verstappen

Dani has pulled another genius out of the bag, as he has published a list of his five best rivals underrated by F1. This is a gesture that honors the happy and friendly Australian pilot.

And among them, the Spaniard Roberto Merhi, with whom he shared great battles before arriving at F1 is the winner of this list.

Merhi was a bit like Max Verstappen in terms of the fantastic control of the car he had. It had speed and It was not afraid.

His driving style was impressive, but he could not transfer it to F1.

I competed against him in Formula Renault in 2007 and then the Eurocup with Bottas the following year.

We were two rookies competing without the best material, so it was always on my radar, in fact I still consider it my biggest threat.

I thought it would be someone I’d go up a notch with

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

Daniel stressed that he was suffering too much from tyre management and that could have taken its toll. That and the fact that the Spaniard never had any material support, although he became a Mercedes driver and competed in several F1 races in Marussia and Caterham.

His style of constant over steer was perfect in that formula. He nailed it, it was the fastest way to drive them, but the tire management then did not work anyway as they were more fragile and sensitive, always on the edge.

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

Ricciardo bets on Saturday and Sunday races and groups them by continent

Daniel Ricciardo is very active on social networks showing his fans his powerful physical works while he is still confined to his home. More than enough time to think about solutions, other than the other current ideas like Ecclestone, Mosley and others proposing to cancel the championship this year.

I think you have to tighten up the deadlines if you want to have a Grand Prix every week. You have to go on a two-day weekend, otherwise it is not possible.

It is also important to make a logical logistics, so first a phase in Europe, then in the east of the world, then in the west.

We all want to compete again, that is for sure!

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

For the Australian, the promoters, Liberty and the FIA should count more on the drivers, grouped around the GPDA. For the Australian, the promoters, Liberty and the FIA should count more on the drivers, grouped around the GPDA.

We have the GPDA! The drivers’ union of which almost all of us are members, so we can communicate with them. You can communicate with us there and vice versa.

The GPDA offers us the opportunity to express our opinion and find solutions.

I think, for example, that we drivers would agree on two-day races instead of three days to create space for more races.

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

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