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Relaxed Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel’s salary revealed: Renault pays him 50 million euros to drive his Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel has not accepted to reduce his record for extending his contract with Ferrari just one more season, and even less to equate his salary to Leclerc’s having four world championships in his record. Given the economic crisis that has unleashed the corona-virus, Ferrari has taken advantage of this situation to opt for a more economical driver like Carlos Sainz.

Although Sebastian Vettel currently earns 36 million per season, the Italian team wanted to reduce his salary to the 18 million euros that Leclerc receives if he agrees to renew until 2022. Once this option was ruled out, Ferrari debated between Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz, with the latter being chosen as a replacement for the German as he had a lower salary.

While Carlos Sainz earned 4 million euros at McLaren last season, Daniel Ricciardo earned 20 million euros at Renault. The signing of the Spaniard for Ferrari until 2020 will bring him nearly 8 million euros, less than half of what Leclerc receives.

More economical would have been Giovinazzi or Mick Schumacher, who also sounded like Vettel’s replacements at Ferrari. However, they were discarded because of their lack of experience.

Support another young man ?

I would definitely like to do that, but Ferrari is no place for a young man coming from Formula 2.

Perhaps a young man who already has a few years of experience would be much better

Piero Ferrari stock holder Ferrari

Youth, another reason that has led Carlos Sainz to be Leclerc’s partner in Ferrari

Carlos Sainz is becoming the new Ferrari driver
source: Zimbio

It should be noted that given the difficult economic situation that has led to the corona-virus, it was difficult for many teams could survive to have to make a completely new car for next season.

That is why the great Formula 1 revolution has been postponed until 2022. In 2021 the cars will use the 2020 chassis and some evolution parts will be frozen for 2021. In other words, no major changes are expected for two seasons.

This is another reason that has led Ferrari to opt for a young and experienced driver like Carlos Sainz.

Renault is losing money in Formula One

Daniel ricciardo is leaving Renault after a season not very competitive

Renault is paying Daniel Ricciardo 55 million dollars for two seasons, or about 50 million euros. A salary worthy of a world champion and far exceeding what had been estimated so far, which was already high. It is their day and since Red Bull they have hinted that the contract that had led Ricciardo to leave them was disproportionate.

If the estimates are correct, and knowing exactly Ricciardo’s salary, the Australian is the third best paid driver on the grid. Ahead of them are only the two great champions of today: Lewis Hamilton with around 42 million euros a year and Sebastian Vettel, who pockets around 35 million.

In addition, Ricciardo’s contract has succulent clauses as we learned in the trial. Renault gives you a bonus of 10 million at the end of the season depending on your performance, has another bonus of one million reserved for you when your first victory comes, pays your medical and physiotherapy expenses and, of course, provides you with your road car.

Ricciardo has also another problem. He broke off relations with his former representative, Glenn Beavis, after the Australian Grand Prix the season 2018. Glenn is now demanding some $11 million corresponding to 20% of the contract Ricciardo signed with Renault last summer, which Beavis himself negotiated for him.

Beyond the economic aspect, Ricciardo’s first season at Renault was not too successful. The team is fifth in the constructors’ world championship, even behind McLaren. Ricciardo’s best result was the fourth position he achieved in last week’s Italian Grand Prix. But he has only scored in five races.

This revelation does not come at the best time for Renault F1 Team, just when it has become known that the French company’s Formula 1 department lost $7. 5 million during the 2019 financial year. Although revenues have increased slightly from the previous year, spending has skyrocketed in part due to the hiring of employees, as is the case with Ricciardo.

In addition, Renault has also undertaken an expansion of its factory in Enstone. These investments make it clear that the company is firmly committed to Formula 1, but now they need results that bring them closer to the elite of the category. Next year 2021, with its regulatory change, will be the key year for knowing the destiny of Renault in Formula 1.

Daniel Ricciardo is on trial. While his former agent of our Australian driver is demanding a good deal on the contract he signed with Renault last 2018, namely 20% of his salary, Daniel is focusing to start the season after the pandemic. That is why the exact amount Ricciardo receives from Renault had to be disclosed in court and we can now know it in details. Some people are saying that is more than it was supposed to be.

The drivers of the motorsport are among the best paid sportsmen in the world

Source: Zimbio

With team changes, contract renewals and new names in the driver lineup, the tabulation of how much these athletes, who are generally among the highest paid athletes in the world, will receive has been updated.

Here is how much the drivers in the Formula 1 line-up will earn in 2020, according to figures published by the BBC and the specialist consultancy Formula Money.

The published figures are limited to the value of the contract they have with the team they are running for, as commercial agreements with sponsors and advertising campaigns are not taken into account.

The drivers who will receive less income this season are George Russell from Williams and Antonio Giovinazzi from Alfa Romeo , who have a contract valued at 200 thousand euros for 2020.

Slightly above them is the Russian pilot Daniil Kvyat from Alpha Tauri (formerly Toro Rosso), who will receive 275 thousand euros this year.

In the 400,000 euro a year range are Lando Norris (McLaren) and Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri), who have attracted attention for their driving skills despite their young age.

In the 2020 Formula 1 line-up there are three drivers who will receive 1 million euros this season. This is the pair that makes up the North American team Has F1 Team (Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen) and the Canadian Lance Stroll from Racing Point.

Alexander Albon of Red Bull has a contract for 1 million 200 thousand euros, Esteban Ocon, new driver of Renault , will have a guaranteed profit of 1 million 500 thousand euros and Sergio Perez is the first of the drivers in the list that exceeds 2 million euros.

The Spanish driver of the Racing Point team has a contract until 2022 that assures him an annual profit of 3 million euros and he is followed by the Spanish driver of McLaren, Carlos Sainz, with an annual salary of 3. 5 million euros.

Kimi Räikkönen, 2007 Ferrari champion and current driver of Alfa Romeo has a contract of 4 million euros and from there on, the list takes on greater proportions.

The contract of Valtteri Bottas, co-owner of the world champion, is valued at 7. 5 million euros, followed by Charles Leclerc with annual earnings of 9 million euros and Daniel Ricciardo, from Renault , with an income of 18 million euros.

The Formula 1 revenue “podium”; consists of Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari , and Max Verstappen of Red Bull , with a contract worth 40 million euros per year.

George RussellWilliams 

200,000 euros 

Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo 

200,000 euros 

Daniil KvyatAlphaTauri

275,000 euros 

Lando NorrisMcLaren 

400,000 euros 

Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri 

400,000 euros 

Kevin MagnussenHaas F1 

1,000,000 euros 

Romain GrosjeanHaas F1 

1,000,000 euros

Lance StrollRacing Point 

1,000,000 euros

Alexander AlbonRed Bull Racing 

1,200,000 euros

Esteban OconRenault 

1,500,000 euros

Sergio PérezRacing Point 

3,000,000 euros

Carlos Sainz JrMcLaren 

3,500,000 euros 

Kimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo 

4,000,000 euros 

Valtteri BottasMercedes-AMG 

7,500,000 euros 

Charles LeclercFerrari 

9,000,000 euros 

Daniel RicciardoRenault 

18,000,000 euros

Sebastian VettelFerrari 

40,000,000 euros 

Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing 

40,000,000 euros

Lewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG 

50,000,000 euros 

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