Vettel: This is not the F1 I fell in love with

It is not only the penalty imposed by the commissioners in Montreal, Sebastian accuses a Formula 1 unpopular and shameful, drivers forced to the official language by lawyers. The regret of past eras for a pilot who is a true sports purist

Sebastian Vettel is right, it is probably all wrong, it is all to be done again in Formula 1.

I was just thinking about the fact that I really love my running.

I’m a purist, I love to go back and look at the old days, the old cars, the old drivers.

It is an honor when you can meet them and talk to them, they’re in some ways heroes. I love all this but I just want to be maybe as good as they are at doing what I do, but be in their time rather than today.

It is not just about today’s decision, there are others

Sebastian Vettel | Ferrari F1 Team pilot

Vettel talks about filters applied to emotions (since a long time) and forced to find exciting to know in advance if this or that driver will be able to pass the opponent, artificial intelligence stuff that reveals the future, whether it’s in the beat of a pit-stop or mathematics to assess the point of attack for an overtaking succeeds.

Listen to the words we use when people speak on the radio, we have official language, I think it is all wrong.

I think we should be able to say what we think but it is not, in this regard I disagree on where sport is today. You have all these words ‘I gained an advantage, I did not gain an advantage, I avoided a collision…

I just think it is wrong, you know, it is not really what we do in the car. They are racing, is common sense, if there is a danger on the track obviously slow down because it is unnatural to keep the accelerator all open and say, then, ‘Ah, it is not right that the car was there

Sebastian Vettel | Ferrari F1 Team pilot

A Formula 1 that Sebastian, who is the protagonist of it, does not like, let alone which can have appeal to the outside, to the great masses. The Montreal episode is decisive for the result, certainly not for the curriculum:

Ultimately, it is not the sport I fell in love with when I watched it. Obviously what happened today hurts me because it impacts on the result, but I think it is a greater criterion of judgment.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will not be disappointed.

Lewis and I believe we share a great mutual respect and we got so much in Formula 1, both we are very, very lucky to be in this position, a victory in more or less, does not make a difference if you are around for so long but, as I said, I am not happy with all this complaining and things that we see so often.

Obviously, as I said, I returned to the track and Lewis had to react, I do not know when it was close, when I looked in the mirror was somewhere there.

For me these are the races and I think that many of the characters I mentioned earlier, the old Formula 1 drivers and the people on the stands, would agree that all this is part of the races, but today is a . . . I do not like it, we all seem a bit ‘like lawyers who use the language of form. It does not benefit people or sport

Sebastian Vettel | Ferrari F1 Team pilot

There is regret at Ferrari for the outcome of the GP of Canada, but on the decision of the judges that conditioned the outcome of the GP, Binotto defends his driver.

After the end of the Canadian GP it is hard to try to see the glass half full in Maranello. Good is a SF90 that, after the 6 slaps taken from the W10, has finally shown what performance it is capable of keeping behind and throughout the GP, in the hands of Vettel, the Silver Arrow of Hamilton.

It was a duel that was very hard, also decided by the perfect move of the wall, that is to say that of defending Vettel from Hamilton’s undercut, calling him to the pits before the British driver.

A victory that served to bring home a battle (because the war, perhaps, is completely compromised), but went up in smoke for the decision of the judges to penalize Vettel for what happened on lap 48, the cut at turn 3 cost 5 seconds penalty and first place.

A decision that, from the Prancing Horse’s point of view, remains unexplained:

The moral winner is Sebastian Vettel: we do not decide, but I think you can have a different opinion than the jury. There have been other race situations like today’s and the judgment has been different, that is regrettable: we deserved something more than the real result.

Vettel is very angry, we tried to calm him down and he’s already calmed down: and it’s justified. Anyone in the situation would have done that, they gave it their all.

That is when you got off the track. There was nothing intentional about coming back. He had no other choice but to take a look.

We have regained pace, we took pole yesterday and made a good race today, we are back competitive and we come home motivated perhaps even more than before and we know that there are many races to prove our worth.

We must look to the future with a desire to do well, we will have other difficult races: for us it is important to improve and try to win

Mattia Binotto| Team Principal Ferrari F1 Team
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