Verstappen: stable regulations for 10 years

Max is for the line of regulatory stability, as well as for a much simpler decision-making process: “Decide for one person, the FIA or the FOM”

It is not all in the absolute speed of the single-seaters, in the records at every circuit. The show and the fun in Formula 1 must pass from other. Max Verstappen’s provocation cannot but be grasped and fully married:

We set record times everywhere, but I do not think that is all there is. If you just want to run faster and faster, you could put a robot in the car

Max Verstappen | Red Bull Racing F1 Team

Be careful Max, may be this is not science fiction… May be this is the plan for the future.

F1 car will undergo a profound transformation in 2021. And if there are those, see McLaren, who stress the need not to distort and reduce the scope of the changes anticipated in recent years, the more conservative bell, interpreted for example by Toto Wolff, would prefer as much as possible the line of stability.

So much so that we can discuss, on Friday from the World Council of the FIA in Paris should emerge a first draft of the 2021 rules, with all the time for them to be modified, given the willingness of the teams to postpone everything by 4 months and decide the details by October.

A long decision-making process that has to put together many points, not just sporting ones. Too much to do and too many people to listen to. We need a slimmer route, the slimmest of them all being indicated by Max:

There is so much politics, there should only be one person, from the FIA or FOM, who says: that is how it is going to be. It would be good if the regulations remained the same for a long time.

At some point you have to say: these are the regulations and we will have them for 10 years. The performance will really come closer after 5 or 6 years.

Max Verstappen | Red Bull Racing Team

There is no illusion, on an involvement of the pilots in the decision-making process, to try to solve the central issues that prevent a truly compelling spectacle for the public:

Sometimes there are funny battles but, in general, it is very difficult to recover.

I hope that they do something, as pilots we can not push if we are behind someone, because the tires overheat. And it’s hard to follow other cars because you lose aerodynamic load. These are the most important things they have to work on to improve the fun for the public.

They have always been political decisions, the big bosses decide. We sometimes try to indicate what we would like, a few years ago we found the machines too slow and with little grip, then we arrived at these machines wide, with more load.

But a different way could have been followed, one that would not waste so much time when you are behind another car.

Max Verstappen | Red Bull Racing F1 team
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