I got a strong fight with Bottas

Canada GP 2019 Ricciardo

The double arrival at points of Renault brings the team in the wake to McLaren in the world. Ricciardo tries to withstand the attacks of Bottas and finds more and more confidence in RS19

Renault in great shape, that view in the weekend of Montreal. First a good qualification with Ricciardo, fourth in the grid. Then, in the race, Daniel can hold the confrontation with the Mercedes of Bottas, return to breathe the air of the battle and find more confidence in his strength: the skills of a champion.

Not without some ill-humour on the part of Nico, to whom the wall gave the order not to engage a battle for the position with Daniel, in the final stages of the race.

Daniel was on a slightly older tire than Nico, too, because he battled with a couple of fast cars. His tires were clearly not in good condition. Nico would probably have had the step to overcome it, but frankly we said ‘ we need this result.

I do not like having to do it, it is not in the style of the team, is something we do not intend to do on many occasions.

Cyril Abiteboul | F1 Pilot Renault Racing F1 Team

Cyril Abiteboul has justified himself in this way to explain the order to maintain the positions.

In the world builders, Renault at an altitude of 28 points, two behind the previous one. The result is matched by the excellent indications offered on the performance front.

Explains Daniel about his race:

I knew, from our starting position, that it would be a more defensive race than the attack. I would have liked to attack a bit ‘ at the start but I did not go well.

We had a good step and Valtteri was coming. I thought it would pass pretty easily. I knew it was not our race, but we had a chance to fight with a Mercedes and I did it with everything we had. It was fun to do it for 6 or 7 laps, we probably stressed the tires but it was worth it.

The encouraging aspect, now, is that Bottas – sure, I had to do a bit of wide elbows – but it did not pass me easily with the DRS. Our speed in the straight line is certainly better in race conditions, so there are many positive aspects.

Daniel Ricciardo | Pilot F1 Renault Racing Team

One of the major difficulties found by Ricciardo in the start of the championship, the adaptation to a single-seater that did not offer confidence in braking and in the passage on the kerbs to drive as it always did in Red Bull. Finding it in Canada to pull the detached and stand in front of Bottas at the bottom of the straight, is another positive indicator of the progress made:

Braking is getting closer to what I want. I got to the last chicane a couple of times and thought: This time I am not going to turn.

It is certainly better than I what I have seen in the first races… The better is our car the more you find confidence. It is nice to have made sixth and seventh, a double arrival in the points area is good first of all for the team, it took a long time

Daniel Ricciardo | Pilot F1 Renault Racing Team

The next appointment will be the home race for Renault, Paul Ricard is the circuit where new components will arrive. On the future prospects and the possibility of recovery on the first three teams, Ricciardo added:

Clearly there is still a lot of work to be done, but the trajectory is now of a recovery started, following what was expected.

In France we will have new components, I talked a little with other drivers and we won’t be the only ones to carry them, but we focus on us and I’m sure that at some point we will recover.

Daniel Ricciardo | Pilot F1 Renault Racing Team
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