Ricciardo: Racing at home is nice but difficult

Ricciardo Media interview
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A home race for an F1 driver can be quite difficult sometimes if you live or you were born in that country.

It can be especially difficult when you are the only driver from our country to perform your home race. Our Daniel Ricciardo knows this all too well and talked a bit on pressure he has to feels, just before the Australian Grand Prix.

Australia was capable to produce some competitive drivers over the last couple of years. Some have gone to win World Championships while others have become good enough over the years. After Mark Webber retired, Daniel took over his legacy and he became the lone driver representing our country: Australia. Unfortunately for Ricciardo, it looks like the most difficult race of the season is his home race.

Surprisingly, it is not due to what you would imagine. No, it is not track or something technical but it looks he is under an intense scrutiny from the media. As far as results go, Ricciardo did not have too much luck when he is driving at Albert Park Circuit. He scored a podium in his first race for Red Bull in Melbourne but he was disqualified over fuel flow irregularities, something he was not responsible. Reliability and unavoidable incidents have resulted in our pilot to be not able to finish his home race on multiple occasions.

Ricciardo’s best result at the Australian Grand Prix is fourth but fans want to see him on the top positions. Ricciardo revealed what is the pressure that local journalists and media exert on our Australian pilot.

I guess I was frustrated and I guess angry and a bit bitter after Melbourne this year.

I felt like I had been worked to the ground all week and you know I accepted every request and tried to please everyone.

Ricciardo retired at last year’s Australian Grand Prix, this was his first race as a Renault driver but again he was not lucky at all. The Australian was compromised at the start of the race but the situation was compromised by other pilots only from turn 1.

Daniel Ricciardo – Australian Pilot

The honey badger revealed how the media stalked him before and after the race, without giving a bit of relief to focus about the race like any pilot would like to do.

I did the media afterwards and people were like, oh! Why will not you speak to us.

There is a level that you do not understand.

Sometimes you just need some space and privacy and they do not always get that.

At some point, racing has to be more important than keeping people happy.

Daniel Ricciardo – Australian pilot

Ricciardo disclosed he wanted to approach the 2020 race in a different manner while trying to be diplomatic. Unfortunately due to Coronavirus, we never got the chance to see our Ricci to see if he was going to be able to manage things in a different way.

Like Ayrton Senna was saying about this subject, it is very simple to say “Yes”. What is really difficult, it is to say “No”:

  • No, when there are too many interviews
  • No when there are too many sponsor events
  • No, when there are too many fans requests
  • No, when there are too many meeting from the team

This is the answer given by the legend when he was asked about his relationship with the media and the reason sometimes he was difficult to interview. This is was one of the reason, Senna became three times F1 World Champion and became one of the most important drivers int he history of Formula 1