Ricciardo: Hopefully GP Zandvoort will be back

Daniel Ricciardo farming

Daniel Ricciardo is training be ready when the Formula 1 season of 2020 starts. Our 30-year old driver is working and training to stay sharp and he is not happy about this cancellation of the Zandvoort race due to covid-19 pandemic.

Ricciardo starts his video asking about our health ans safety, another indication about the connection between our Australian driver and his fans:

How are the fans?

I hope everyone is healthy!

Well quarantined, here in Australia it is a bit sunnier than in Europe. I am just trying to keep fit. That is our main goal at the moment.

I see here with Michael, my trainer. We can train outside, it is warm.

We stay prepared to race.

Daniel Ricciardo – Renault F1 Team Pilot

Many other pilots have decided to perfomr some Sim-racing to do not forget how to drive or to use a training of their skills. Ricciardo decided to do not perform any sim-racing.

His old teammate Max Verstappen spends a lot of time in virtual racing but that is not something Ricciardo wants to do or follow.

I have not really immersed myself in virtual racing yet, but we do have some buggies here that allow you to drive through the terrain.

I do rally driving to stay sharp.

That is how I keep my focus and stay alert. I have plenty of room here

Daniel Ricciardo – Renault F1 Team Pilot

Finally, our Australian hero has some nice words for his fans and the renewed circuit of Zandvoort. It is a bad news, this circuit is not in the calendar of this 2020 season anymore because it was going to be a nice race:

It really sucks that Zandvoort has been postponed.

Hopefully that will come later on the calendar. I was really looking forward to that Grand Prix Of course because of the audience, but also because of the turns and the other adjustments to the track.

It looked really cool, we are going to see it. I am waiting until I can race again.

I hope the virus disappears and people recover quickly, so that the world can pick up the thread again.

Daniel Ricciardo – Renault F1 Team Pilot
Daniel Ricciardo in Australia

Daniel Ricciardo will enter his second year with Renault F1 Racing Team. His expectations were high after he left Red Bull Racing in the last season, but in his first year with the French team was not like our Australian driver was hoping to go. So this season will be an important one if it is going to start. At the same time, he will have to choose if it is going to be a good idea to stay with this team or look for a new option.

According to former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos, Ricciardo is already thinking about what to do:

Being second driver at Red Bull is much better than first driver at Renault

Former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos

Doornbos thinks he is in a strange position. His second year of his two-year contract with Renault is going on. If this season is going to start, it is going to be very short. What is he going to decide ?

Will he continue with the factory team, or will he go somewhere else ?

Tom Coronel believes Daniel made a decision based only on money and he should have stayed with Red Bull.

We know he chose the money, so he just goes with the one who offers the most money.

Otherwise he would have stayed with Red Bull.

Second driver at Red Bull is ten times better than first driver at Renault, you want to score podiums and wins.

If it does not work at Renault, there is still a good alternative for Ricciardo.

The fight between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel could lead to a spot at Ferrari.

He could be the man for Ferrari.

Tom Coronel – F1 Journalist