Mick Schumacher works in a similar way to his father

Mick Schumacher is one of the leading drivers of the moment in the Ferrari Drivers Academy. Michael Schumacher’s youngest son has already had the opportunity to try two F1 cars this year, during the Bahrain test, the Ferrari SF90 and Alfa Romeo C38 and the maximum head of the ‘Scuderia’ Mattia Binotto, finds similarities between them, although it does not indicate precisely the piloting as one of them.

The first time I saw him was in Maranello, many years ago. I do not think it looks much like Michael, but his behavior is very similar.

His way of dealing with exercise, his interest in the car, his way of talking to technicians.

In Maranello you take care of him, but he is always in the box studying the car, talking to the mechanics. I Think that is very similar to his father. It is difficult to comment on their performance in the first place because of the weather conditions, but also because the test’s objective was not to address their performance. It was his first day with a Formula 1. He is Still in a learning phase, going day by day.

What I do think was positive was his way of dealing with it, is approach during the test day. Never went to the limit, always improved between each batch, learning with the team. In that respect, he did a great job.

He was very focused and tried to do a good job, he tried to learn. I think that is all you can expect from a day like this.

Mattia Binotto | Team Principal Scuderia Ferrari

Mick Schumacher: In the box immediately like at home. Seb of great help…

Mick tells the feelings of the debut on Ferrari, the characteristics of SF90 that impressed him, the advice from Vettel and the family environment found in the garage. Today Schumacher is going to test an Alfa Romeo.

The training of the young Mick goes through Formula 2 and Bahrain, from the Ferrari Driver Academy and from working with technicians.

Training aimed at a tomorrow among the greats, in Formula 1. It is the advice of Fernando Alonso, on track Tuesday in Sakhir, along with Mick Schumacher. 

Fernando Alonso says:

It is always better to get into Formula 1 as soon as possible. You never know when the Formula 1 train is coming when you are young. This year runs in Formula 2, is totally focused I guess on making a good league.

If He does well and a team should bet on his talent, he must get on the train 

Fernando Alonso | Former F1 Pilot

Mick Schumacher, after 56 laps driving the Ferrari SF90, almost exactly like a race distance, tells about hise impressions he had in the Olympus of performance, called Formula 1:

I enjoyed today! The SF90 is amazing and it is powerful, but it is also quite simple to drive: That is why I had so much fun.

The aspect that impressed me the most are the brakes, very powerful. I felt I could brake away later, so I had the certainty that the car would still have made the curve.

At Each exit, I learned something new, on how to drive the car and I think wehandled it is very well. The Harmony in the team was really nice and I learned a lot.

I want to go out there again, trying to improve the points on which I would like to intervene today. I have not done as many laps as I wanted, I will try to extend the program tomorrow.

In the box, I felt like at home from the first moment since I was surrounded by many people who know me since I was very young. I thank Ferrari for the amazing opportunity he gave me and I ca not wait to get on the Alfa Romeo 

Mick Schumacher | Formula 2 Pilot

Learning to work with the technicians on the track, “reading” the tires, is the “behind the scenes” of the laps on the track, from which the pilot’s growth must go through. Schumacher Jr will carry with him the first experience of working on a Formula 1 also in the Formula 2: 

In a Formula 1 you learn so many things, it is so complex and talking to the technicians I was learning things that I can use in Formula 2.

About my future ?

I am just at the first season of Formula 2, you have to understand how it works, I do not want to pass in Formula 1 until I am a complete driver, I do not want to exaggerate.

We talked a lot with Sebastian and it was a great help. Every suggestion I get from anyone is positive. I try to use it and, if it works, I bring it with me, vice versa I try something else. Vettel has been a great help …

Mick Schumacher | Formula 2 Pilot
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