I am in F1 to be a champion

Daniel Ricciardo Interview

When I can not, I will leave

Daniel , who is in his final season at Renault before jumping to McLaren, has reflected on how difficult it is to get the team choice right, which is like a chess game, to become Formula 1 world champion.

It is frustrating that in F1 it is crucial to be in the team at just the right time. Although it’s also exciting to be with the best team at that moment, it is like a chess game, to be able to know who is the best, I wish it was all black and white, but that is not how it works.

I have the feeling that the best always find a way to get to the top and when the new rules come into play (2022), to know if that is still the right team.

My goal in my career was not only to get into F1, but to end up being world champion. I am happy to have arrived but I would be partly disappointed if I do not get the second one because I think I have a talent for it.

The day I stop believing I can do it, I will probably leave F1. But right now I still believe in it.

Daniel Ricciardo F1 driver

I owe a lot to Renault

The 2020 season in F1 has not started due to the serious crisis caused by the corona-virus, but there have been significant movements in the driver’s market. One of those who has secured his future is our Daniel Ricciardo, who will move to McLaren in 2021 to pair up with Lando Norris.

The Perth-based driver, who finished ninth in last year’s World Drivers’; Championship, has so far achieved a fourth place finish at Monza as the best result for Renault. When he packs his bags for the Woking team, he will have spent two years with the diamond mark.

I guess it has been weird this year and it is still weird

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

Be that as it may, the Australian says he wants to leave the French after doing well this year.

Obviously I am going out to race, to compete, but also to finish this journey and this chapter with Renault in the best possible way.

I still feel I owe them a lot on and off the track, so I am glad we can compete soon and try to do our best. I am pretty excited that some sports are getting back on track

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

Ricciardo, who has won seven Grand Prixs in his career and has scored 29 podiums and three poles, admits that it was “strange”; to make such an important decision to change teams without a race having taken place.

It was not easy to decide. But at the same time, it is not an overnight decision. I guess it has been weird this year and it’s still weird.

Having a lot of time to think about things like the future was good, but sometimes it wasn’t easy either because you have a lot of time, but very little action. That was certainly difficult.

The whole year has been crazy, even beyond what happened with the corona-virus. Making these kinds of decisions, after just testing, was not easy. Ideally I would have been competing, and then decided, but in these times I could not afford that.

This forced break from F1 may have given me a couple more years of racing

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

At 30, our number ‘3’; believes that the pause forced by the COVID-19 pandemic will help him extend his sporting career for another couple of years.

We travel a lot. . . and you just walk in and walk out and walk out. But sometimes, you don’t really get a chance to stop, and somehow it was nice to be forced to stop.

It was good not to be in pressurized airplane cabins all the time and all that kind of stuff.

Probably, from a performance standpoint, it might have given me a couple more years in my career. So I see positive things in what has happened

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver
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