Will Daniel Ricciardo go to Ferrari ?

Ricciardo Binotto

Everyone says we would have fit in Ferrari…

Daniel Ricciardo spoke for the first time about his frustrated move to Ferrari for 2021 and the arrival of Carlos Sainz to the Italian squad. The Australian, who will leave Renault for Woking, McLaren’s headquarters, admitted to the talks with those in Maranello.

We already had negotiations at the time a few years ago and that continued until now. I will not deny it, but obviously they never made it

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

Our down-under pilot tried to play down the fact that the ‘Scuderia‘; did not persevere in their dealings with him to hire him as a replacement for Sebastian Vettel.

I never really wanted to get into it.

Everyone says I would fit in well with them, obviously, because of my name and everything I have achieved before, but I try not to let my emotions get the better of me because of situations like this.

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

Ricciardo gave the go-ahead to Carlos Sainz’s arrival in the ‘Rosso’ team:

I understand why they went after Carlos and I do not see it as: Why am I not there ?

They went after Carlos because he had a strong 2019, so it is like a rising star and it fits well with the phase they are in

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver

Ricciardo will gain 10 million at McLaren, plus 400,000 dollar for each podium

Daniel Ricciardo will keep a fixed salary of 10 million dollar in his new contract with McLaren F1, to which he would add different performance bonuses, such as the possibility of winning up to one million more for each win and 400,000 for each podium, results that could be within reach of the, Australian, if the Woking car keeps the current progression. This is what a ‘Business Book’ report reveals.

In the best case scenario, Daniel could achieve an amount of about 93 million over his three years with McLaren (two with an option for one more), for which he would have signed after the departure of Carlos Sainz to Ferrari.

It is a loss of 10 million of the 20 million he collected at Renault, but seeing the crisis looming in F1 and the whole of world sport, because of the corona-virus, it looks like an excellent deal for the Perth driver.

After several years at Red Bull, whose base salaries for the second driver are nowhere near those figures, Ricciardo preferred to use his best years to ‘cash in’; on top of a car for race wins, although the team’s clear preference for Max Verstappen, who forced him to obey every command to achieve the best possible result for the Dutchman, also played a part in his departure.

In this case, he preferred to be ‘mouse head’; than to remain in his usual team, where he left winning the same races (two) as Max in 2018.

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