Ecclestone: Ferrari might leave Formula 1

Ecclestone talks about Ferrari

Bernie Ecclestone is convinced it is not a good idea to underestimate the ability of a surprising farewell

The old master of Formula 1 has raised the idea of a potential alternate Formula. It is confirmed they look forward to a new model of car championship.

According to the eighty years old English man, the threat of Ferrari President shall be taken seriously. A strong disagreement between the red team and Liberty Media (actual owner of the Circus), it will not end well:

Some people are thinking to a new competition and one of this, it is Sergio Marchionne. If Marchionne gets up one morning and he decides to leave, it would become difficult for everyone. The problem is that from his point view, he can not accept such horrible regulations.

I am sure, it is not a bluff…

I think I know him pretty well: it is not only chatting. If he decides to do something, he goes on his way.

Crux of the matter is quite simple: Formula 1 is linked to Ferrari and Ferrari is linked to Formula 1!

If you go around the world and you talk to anybody, large and small companies they know everything about Ferrari.

It would be pretty sad to see a pit-lane without them and personally I would not like this idea. If Formula 1 had the same leading characters than now and it was cheaper, I would say they might fix this problem.

If Ferrari would go away, many people would join this new project. The economical factor is crucial in this scenario: some circuits are upset about the amount of money they pay to confirm their place in this world. If they offer them a parallel project less expensive, be sure that they would change very quickly

About this subject, Sean Bratches (Commercial Director of Formula 1) is back to talk about the topic.

After the controversy addressed by many teams about absurd novelty introduced in this sport, he said:

I think everyone can understand where we want to go, but we can not please everyone.

We are trying to improve our competitiveness in this sport, otherwise our fans will stop to follow us.

We focus on what is better for our fans.

Actually, it does not look like they are helping too much their fans to fall in love for Formula 1

The direction taken, look to get the maximum gain as soon as possible and nothing else. The last one to speak was the Executive Director of Mercedes: Toto Wolff. In his interview, he had criticized the timetable of Europeans GPs and many other choices,such as the ban of grid girls.

Meanwhile, technical directors of many team are working with the Department of Formula One Management to create the best regulations for 2020. Liberty Media has already warned every team, they will have the final say on any decision:

We are thinking to create a small team like the Swansea football team that play football in the English Premier League. Their fans know that their club will never win! But they can win a game, even against a club like Arsenal or Chelsea.

You must have a little star with a chance to shine inside Formula 1, otherwise this motor-sport will make no sense

It is evident that Liberty Media do not understand too much about Formula 1. If there is a real intention to shuffle the cards, this is not the way to do it…

Sometimes the cure is even worse than the disease and Liberty Media does not seem to be really effective or something good for this motor-sport…

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